Thursday, January 27, 2011

First sock!

Here is my first sock.
I think it looks super and
 I hope the next one works just as quickly
 and the sizing matches!!
First sock completed
I have also finished the top of my "sisters" quilt
 so this needs to be loaded on the frame for quilting.

Until next time
Happy knitting and quilting

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That time of the year

I did not manage much sewing or knitting yesterday as I have Doctors visits for my annual check up
Today is the followup and then this afternoon I am off to my first guild meeting of the year.
It will be good to met up with my fellow sewers and get fired up for the year to come.

My Sisters top has 5 rows done when I discovered that I was short of one block.I hope to finish the top by the weekend and then work a bit more on the log cabins.

I have done the heel on the sock and I am busy with the gusset. It is such fun!
Until next time,
Happy sewing and Knitting

Monday, January 24, 2011

Design wall Monday 24 January 2011

Every year my guild, St Matthews, has a display of quilts in the church garden which we call
Sisters at St Matthews, similar to the Sisters display in the States.
This year we were challanged to make a quilt specifically for this display.
I have done all the applique blocks and I am in the process of joining them for the top.
I hope to have this completed soon!


Filler blocks

Go to Judy's site and see what others are up to

Happy sewing and quilting

The Bug Has Bitten

This last week I spent with my DD in Stellenbosch getting her settled into Varsity.
Unable to sew I took the plunge and bought sock yarn and needles.
I have not knitted socks before and found the concept of 4/5 needles a bit scary but
after 2 failed attempts have progressed as far as the heel on sock number 1.
I am really enjoying the process and hope this will be a happy knitting time
Thanks to Judy for all the encouragement!
Progress on sock no 1 up to heel

yarn for sock no 2
I hope my DDs will like the socks
Happy knitting