Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Its amazing how life just seems to rush past and sometimes just bowl you over.

I have had the most horrendous week work wise.

Although I am living in South Africa I am slowly getting very despondent being here.

One has to put up with so much bureaucratic nonsense in the business world. Just trying to make an honest living but being self employed at the moment is the pits.

There is so much paperwork and red tape involved that some days it just does not seem worth it. There are days when I wish I was employed and not the employer and could go home at 5 and not worry about work until the next day.

On a lighter side I am really enjoying my sewing and especially patchwork and quilting. I think if it were not for my after hours hobby I would go stark raving mad.

My kaleidoscope quilt is almost ready to be quilted. I still have to add the final border.

I ran out of fabric and now need to get another meter.

This afternoon is the monthly guild meeting.

Thank goodness for that. At least it is a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the working world.

Will also be getting the next clue in our monthly mystery quilt project. This is sure to be lots of fun.

Chat soon

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The days after a class

Classes were just wonderful
There were 12 of us and we all chose such different fabrics.
It is so amazing to see the different blocks when doing the kaleidoscope quilt.
I think this is also known as a "stack and whack" quilt.
I did manages to complete 6 of the 8 squares and have completed the other 2 this evening.
I am also cutting another 9 blocks so that the quilt will fit my big bed.
My sewing group did not meet this evening but we will meet again in August.
Cannot believe it will be August soon!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not much done today

Well I did start loading the next quilt top. It was not the NYE mystery. I found an old UFO made with fabric purchased from the States when I visited my baby sister Belinda in June 2003.
wow! 5 years ago already. I think I need to go back there again. She lives in Los Angeles and is a physical therapist.
The top is an attic window with cats. Sadly I discovered that my backing is too small so will have to shop for more. Will visit the local factory shop which has quite a good range of fabrics available.
Also managed to cut out 9 9" squares for a class on Tuesday. A kaleidescope quilt using a protea as my focus. The protea is South Africa's national flower. Sorry I don't have a picture. I certainly need to get up to speed with taking photos and posting them.
Will take some during the class and post. I promise!
I am also busy embroidering butterflies for a quilt using one of Carol Doak's patterns as the center block.
So much to do and so little time.
Chat again soon

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a day

Friday was one of those days.
Work was ok. Friday is always ghastly as it is wages/payday.
Still I only work until 2pm or 2.30pm
My youngest daughter Cathryn and Michelle went horse riding and did an out ride.
At 4.15 they called to say that Cathryn had taken a tumble.
Motherly instinct kicked in and I called the emergency rooms to let them know that I would be bringing her in.I had not even seen her yet.
We got to the doctors rooms just after 5 and it was confirmed that she had dislocated her left elbow.
This resulted in surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital.
I got to bed after midnight.
So much for plans to load my second quilt on the frame!
She is now home. Very sleepy but all put back together again and I am trying to catch up my sleep.
Tomorrow I will load the quilt top.
It was a mystery quilt done with an online internet group. (NYE Mystery).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

First quilt off the frame

Good evening
The first quilt is off the frame and I am busy doing the binding.
I am really pleased with the results. For a first time!
Quilt feels a bit stiff maybe because of the intense quilting.
It was all done free hand. My next effort will be using the pantograph.
Will post photo as soon as the binding is done.