Sunday, September 21, 2008

Snow in September?

Today we decided to take a drive to find and see the snow. We only had to drive about 20 minutes and there it was. We do not normally get snow in winter let alone near Pietermaritzburg
and certainly not half way through September.

We stopped for lunch in Himeville which is about 80 kilometers away.
They had about 12 inches of snow.
It looked like a winter wonderland.

These are my daughters "dancing " in the snow

Very little sewing done today.
Just the binding on the Christmas table runner.
Still need to work out how to miter a 60' angle corner!

Will post a picture when its done.

Happy sewing

Friday, September 19, 2008

Waiting in anticipation

Today my "Plexiglas" should arrive.
I will be using it on my Hinter berg so that I can do panto from the front.
This should change the way things go on the frame.
I have only seen this in a photo and do not know exactly how it will work.
Of course I can only experiment.
Will keep everyone informed.
Yesterday our sewing group did not do much sewing .
We all s.seem a bit disappointed with the mystery wall hanging.
I feel and so do they that it is very busy.
Still, we will carry on and finish it as a group.
We have decided at our next meeting to make a Christmas table topper/runner.

Last night I quickly made up a sample so that I knew the instructions were correct.
It worked out fine except for a few strips of fabric which were cut and then not used.
I think we will manange to almost complete it in one afternoon
This should be fun.

Until next time
Happy sewing

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update overdue!

I see that I have not blogged since the 8th.
I have been busy, you know!
Yesterday made up 3 bags for my daughter (Eldest,a school teacher,music) for the school band instruments.
One for the xylophone which needed a zip as well.
Also made up 2 mattress protectors on the Hinterberg.
They turned out well and hopefully will sell quickly.
Tomorrow is my sewing day with sewing friends.
I am still working on a wall hanging made up of one centre block
(Carol Doak PP) and 8 applique butterflies.
This will have applique daisies in the sashing.
Nice bright blues and greens.
Have "met" some wonderful ladies via this blog and do so enjoy getting emails from them.

Until the next time
Happy sewing
Will hopefully have some photos to show as well!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Some Progress

I have finished a quilt doing a pantograph on the frame for the first time.
It was fairly successful.
I am still learning.
Just as well this is my own quilt.
I have also received all the fabric needed to make mattress protectors.
That will give me a lot of practice using pantographs.
I am also busy binding an attic window quilt using fabrics purchased in the USA during my trip in 2003.
Progress on the wall hanging is on.
I have made the next set of 12 blocks.
The colours are still very bright but they are starting to grow on me.
No photos this time.
I will put them up soon.
Happy sewing